Gins from a place and time

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Glendalough Irish Gin tells the story of the living land of Glendalough. Our gins are progressively crafted with wild botanicals, foraged throughout the seasons to capture the purest expression of the bountiful valley of Glendalough through the depth of flavour in our luxury gins. There is no gin made like it and no gin that tastes like it.

Meet Irelands only Fulltime forager

Our aim is to leave no trace that we were ever there. It's harder work but worth it to keep the mountains beautiful and wild.

Then these wild botanicals are painstakingly slow-distilled to tease out delicate flavours, in very small batches of less than 250 liters. Some go in the pot, and some are hung in a basket to let vapours extract their essential oils. The cut-points are decided batch by batch, by smell and taste (never timed or automated) as if each batch is the first.