Trace your bottle's roots

To ensure the future of our native oak forests. These trees are harvested under a Continuous Cover Forest Management System, whereby nothing is clear-felled but instead continually thinned with gaps created by felled trees replanted in a way that supports the health of the forest for generations to come.


Finding the right tree

Irish oak needs to be over 120 years old for the trunk to have the girth needed for our purposes. The tree must be straight and tall with a consistent lower-trunk section of two or three stave heights before the first branch. It must also be positioned in proximity to a couple or more others to create a clearing for regeneration.


The Casks

The casks are 250 liter hogsheads, slow-toasted using oak fire, then given a level 3 char and the tree no. branded on the head. We felled 14 trees and got 50 casks from them. Each tree yields about 3 casks, although we had one monster that we got 5 casks from.


Wardens of the woods

We must cut them in groups of 2s and 3s, to create clearings, allowing light to the forest floor for the next generation of oak. For every one we cut, we plant seven. If we did not cut these old oaks, they would eventually fall and, mostly likely, beech would take its place.


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