How to drink it

Glendalough is rich with history and taste. It’s a smooth but complex poitín, matured in virgin, Irish oak with tastes of malted barley.

It’s grand with a mixer, cut it with soda water and a wedge of lime. Neat is best, if you’ve got the bottle. Also a traditional rub for aches and pains. Here are a few other suggestions.

Sip it
For us, we like it with just a bit of ice. Smooth from virgin oak aging and with a robust flavour profile, Glendalough is a good sipping poitín, which is a very rare thing. Pour it over ice, kick back and it’ll sure cure what ails you.

Shoot it
Traditionally the “rare oul stuff” was drunk neat, out of any kind of jar. Normally amongst good friends who were up to no good. Great as a shot, with just the right kick.

Mix it
If you’ve a bit of a thirst on you, Glendalough goes well with most mixers – making the type of long drinks that’d put out a war, or cross a continent. We like it with soda, lemonade, cola {“pot&coke”} or ginger, all with a squeeze of a lime wedge – you need your vitamins.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up. Flavours like apple, ginger, cinnamon, even butterscotch really bring out the sweet, oaky tones.

The oldest drink in the world is back in the mix.

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