How they taste

The Nose

Slight in nature and might fool you. If you didn’t know better you might sense a faint Riesling fragrance, no less. Oak, berried fruit, gooseberries and blackcurrants are in there. Our Mountain Strength holds true with that extra headiness of the high alcohol. Where as a slight zest of orange and blueberry sweetness comes through in the Sherry Cask Finish.

The Taste

Creamy and mellow in the mouth and hangs on the tongue with a trace of lychees. There are hints of black, cracked pepper, especially so in the Mountain Strength. Some dried fruits show up in all three poitíns, with dried apricots featuring in the Sherry Cask Finish. Touches of vanilla and toasty oak throughout also. A very full flavoured poitín that goes down nicely.

The Finish

A good length of finish, it’s lingering and warming and sweet, if slightly salty. Wait for a comforting, spicy tail, even spicier in the Mountain Strength, along with dried fruit and berry notes throughout the range, but even more so with the Sherry Cask Finish that also holds more vanilla from the extra time with the oak.